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Welcome to the world of Danish fashion!
Nogafashion is a direct importer and wholesale distributor
of clothing for women, men, shoes and accessories.


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    from 39,99 zł

    This is a mixture of unusual design, comfort and high quality. These are the qualities which women most appreciate in fashion.

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    from 29,99 zł

    MENS WEAR | Selected Homme, Jack & Jones, Matinique, Samsøe Samsøe, Blend, Casual Friday, Lindbergh, Only & Sons

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    from 27,99 zł

    From delight in nature, history and contemporaneity, urban clothing for the sensual and energetic woman springs. 

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    from 27,99 zł

    The quintessence of the brand are casual classics complete with a modern twist. This brand is perfect for young women who appreciate modern style.

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    from 23,99 zł

    Elegance, style and extreme femininity! These are the amazing characteristics of this Scandinavian brand. It is a brand for spontaneous, active, elegant women.

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    from 22,99 zł

    The flagship brands of the group are: SELECTED, VERO MODA, VILA CLOTHES, Y.A.S, JUNAROSE, NOISY MAY, OBJECT, ONLY



  • As a trusted leader of the clothing market, we are constantly improving our vision, expanding our stock and client base.
  • The explosive growth of our company enables us to establish a strong position on the market as one of the biggest providers of Danish clothing in Poland as well as out.


  • We guarantee a constant supply of goods to our clients.
  • The highest quality, the largest possible discounts and the lowest prices on the market!
  • Merchandise available right away.
  • If you are interested in selling our products online, we provide free photos of most of our products upon purchase.


  • Our experience in sales and trade contacts all over Europe result in us being able to select only offers which bring profit to our customers.
  • Thanks to our numerous foreign contacts, we are able to offer top quality products at the best prices on the market.


  • The highlights of our company are the numerous positive opinions of our clients.
  • Our goal is the satisfaction of our clients and the establishment of long-term cooperation.
  • Delivery of goods within 24 hours.
  • Upon purchase, a 30-day payment deadline is negotiable. 


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